Elizabeth Candelario

Environmental and social advocate Elizabeth Candelario is President of Demeter USA, the nation’s only certifier of Biodynamic farms and products and a member of Demeter International, the oldest ecological certification organization in the world. Biodynamic agriculture is a holistic and regenerative farming system that represents the highest paradigm of sustainability, and Demeter’s vision is to heal the planet through agriculture.

Elizabeth believes passionately in the role of business to drive social mission.   Employing thirty-five years’ experience in marketing, business development and non-profit management, Elizabeth utilizes social entrepreneurship to grow the Biodynamic marketplace in this country by connecting and inspiring the retailers, brands, farmers, and supply chain stakeholders needed to make it happen.   This work is emboldened by consumers who are demanding quality, transparency, and purpose-driven narratives in the food they eat and the brands they support.

A highly-sought after speaker, Elizabeth has presented at the New Hope Network’s Expo West,  Expo East and Esca Bona, National Press Club, Lifestyle of Health and Wellness (LOHAS), Organic Monitor’s Sustainable Food Summit, Slow Money’s Annual Conference, Organic Spa Magazine’s Annual Conference, Eco-Farm, the International Beauty Show, and others.  Elizabeth’s articles have been published in national media outlets and she has appeared on television, radio, and in print media.