#12 – Charles Eisenstein

“What kind of future do we want? What is the world we want to be co-creating together? How do we make economic life aware of the sacred when it has become so commoditized?” Take a deep dive into the mind of philosopher, public speaker, gift economy advocate, and renowned author Charles Eisenstein with Seleyn DeYarus your host of Regenerative Voices™ Elevating Stories Activating Change Podcast as he shares his perspective on how the global pandemic is affecting all facets of our life. Learn why it’s a “really good time to plant a garden”, and listen as he describes opportunities such as pulling on cultural memory, citing food as a primal way and easiest first step into mutual care, and his beautiful theory of “living in the gift” that are arising within our communities and will enable us to build a better future together

#12 – Charles Eisenstein
Regenerative Voices


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